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Dan in a bombadier, Yellowstone, Winter 1999]

Work I am a Security Researcher at Intel Corporation specializing in platform computer security and cryptography. Previously at Intel I worked on Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain software (here's a FAQ I wrote). Before Intel, I worked for ~20 years for Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle) on the Solaris operating system. I worked in the Security Technologies group on Verified Boot/Secure Boot and Cryptography. I have BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from University of California Irvine and San Diego.

Play My passion is cross-country skiing. I enjoy the sport in several forms—ski touring on roads and trails, locally, telemark skiing in isolated backcountry ski bowls and at downhill ski resorts. and snow camping in the Sierra backcountry in the spring. I wrote a guidebook on cross-country skiing called Ski Tours in Southern California. I've been an active Sierra Club member since 1974.

Here's a picture of my wife and friend :-), Helen. Here's her web page and her picture. Here she is backpacking in Yosemite, crossing an ice-cold stream and with mosquitoes swarming around her. Talk about fun! Here we are with mosquito nets and here I am storing food on a rock.

Helen's niece, Emily lives in Washington State.

[Dog] Our dog Fannie Mae, a golden retriever (2008-2022) died recently :-(. Our previous dogs were Holly (1987-2001), and Patsy Ann (2001-2006), also goldens. Speaking of dogs, here's what do do if your dog or pet gets skunked.

  • I have a page on Pumpkin Recipes (Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin bread, . . .).
  • Here's what to do if your pet (dog, cat) was sprayed by a skunk.
  • Mortgage Calculator (free, non-commercial)
  • Hexadecimal and decimal number conversion (free, non-commercial)
  • Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature conversion (free, non-commercial)
  • Date Calculator (free, non-commercial)
  • UNIX Date/time Calculator (free, non-commercial)
  • Origin and meaning of the word Yosemite
  • Formation of Yosemite Valley showing how Yosemite Valley was created from glaciers
  • Family

    My brother Dave died 2008.

    My sister Teresa has a toy poodle puppy, Torrey. My dad's web page (genealogy), Shiloh the cat.

    Internet/Computer Stuff

    IPv6 Certification Badge for drydog

    Statistical Drivel

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